Friday, July 4, 2014

Sound of the Night \ Sound of Black

Sound of the Night \ Sound of Black
Soundpart of Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2.

29 contributors sent 1 minute of sound about the Night \ about Black.

A compilation in two parts of the 29 original (unremixed) soundminutes can be found on Mixcloud:

Remixproject in episodes

Episode 0\0\1 by Les Horribles Travailleurs
Title: “Bouche pleine des feuilles de la belladone.
sept plantes vénéneuses \ sept poisons \ sept langues empoisonnées \ sept chants toxiques”

Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2

Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2 – june 2014,
consists of 6 visual parts + a soundproject.

The visual part of the magazine consists of 6 PDF parts:
1. City sounds \ City wounds
2. Night of nature \ Sounds of nature
3. Shapes of night
4. Nights skins \ Night clothes
5. The night within sounds
6. Human voices \ Human silence

Curated by R\A\W F\O\R\M\S, Nuits et Noirs is a free magazine that is composed of contributions by contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s


b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s

\ real physical version \ a small book

\ 22,50 EUR + shipping costs
\ In an edition of 5
\ PayPal \ Banktransfer


b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s

\ PDF book \ 15 images \ 6,50 EUR \ 8,45 USD


R\A\W F\O\R\M\S # 014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

NUITS et NOIRS magazine

New collaborative project: NUITS et NOIRS magazine

1st issue no online 

Nuits et Noirs is a FREE PDF MAGAZINE, designed for viewing as a PDF magazine on the computerscreen. ( not designed for printing )

Curated by R\A\W  F\O\R\M\S  - also publisher of Z\W\A\R\T magazine.

Z\W\A\R\T magazine is a personal project ;  Nuits et Noirs consist only of contributions by others - mostly contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.

1st issue released 18 Febr. 2014

It consists of 4 parts.
One can see it as a groupexhibition in four halls.
Each hall is structured according to a specific poetic logic.

1st issue with 35 contributors from: France, U.K., U.S.A., Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Romania, Greece, Austria, Japan

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Z\W\A\R\T magazine Nr. 10

Compose your Z\W\A\R\T magazine Nr. 10
from 38 possible pages.


One can compile an unique magazine or an artist book that contain pages that can be choosen from the 38 works that were shown during the NOIR (S) exhibition in Paris.

One can select 6 - 12 ( for example) pages for the magazine\book.
See the photos with the numbers.
Photos of all pages will be published here seperatly.
All pages are A4 format.

The book version will contain real photographs and materials and handwork;
the magazine version will consist of photocopies, mainly.
And only some real photographs, material and handwork.

For the magazine it's 2,50 EUR a page;
For the book: 25 EUR a page.
Shipping costs will be added, the book or magazine will be send by postal mail.

Send me a message for more information.


EXPO - 8 nov. - 21 dec. 2013 - LAB Galerie Artyfact Paris