Sunday, January 29, 2012

Z\W\A\R\T magazine nr. 1 

= released on 29\1\2012

It is a booklet + 2 extra items. - 25 images in total + 1 short poem.

The booklet: 7 A4 papers folded to 28 A5 pages.

It's for sale for 6,50 Euro (8,52 USD)

+ Stamps:
Nederland: 6,50 + 1,50 Euro shipping  = 8,00 Euro

Europe: 6,50 + 2,55 shipping = 9,05 Euro 

World: 6,50 + 2,85 Euro shipping = 9,35 Euro

(8,52 USD + 3,74 shipping = 12,26 USD)

There will be 6 issues of Z\W\A\R\T in 2012. Every issue will be different - with regard to size, form, materials, techniques, etc. (subscription for a whole year is possible).

If you want to purchase Z\W\A\R\T nr. 1:

Please send an e-mail and mention your postal address.

Payment method: Paypal
(in Holland: bankoverschrijving)

Text on the magazine in English and French on: La Vie Manifeste

"The name of the magazine is a Dutch word, cut into pieces – the meaning of the word "zwart" is "black" .

"It will include images used in the many activities towards the capture of the many meanings of the colour Black and the worlds it contains."

Friday, January 20, 2012

Exhibition of images of Z\W\A\R\T magazine on "La Vie Manifeste" - an online magazine on art and philosophy.

With a text about Z\W\A\R\T in French and English.