Thursday, January 19, 2017

z\w\a\r\t Nr. 16

Booklet with 18 photographic images on 9 thick pages

Size 15 X 10 cm
Weight of the booklet: 70 gram

Limited edition, released on 18 january 2017

Cost: € 10,00

Within The Netherlands:
2,34 shipping
12,34 total

Outside The Netherlands:
3,99 shipping
13,99 total

Order via Paypal
Banktransfer is also possible - please send a message.

Subscription for 6 issues:
z\w\a\r\t subscription for 6 issues - within The Netherlands:
€ 45,00
€ 18,00 shipping
€ 63,00 total

z\w\a\r\t subscription for 6 issues - outside The Netherlands:
€ 45,00
€ 30,00 shipping
€ 75,00 total

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Z\W\A\R\T magazine:

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Z\W\A\R\T magazine 12 \ 13

released 25 july 2015 in Berlin

double issue

Overview of the items of Z\W\A\R\T magazine 12\13

Booklet 1:
12 pages with visual material selected, and partly reworked, from the 6 original 'zwart' magazines, made during 1981.

c90 \
Side 1: duration 43:31 in total.
Side 2: duration 39:06 in total.

4 soundworks, duration 49:39 in total.

All soundworks of this double issue are constructed from the first tape, made in 1982.

Booklet 2:
18 pages \ A5 format ; Liner notes ; titles and descriptions of the soundworks; essays.

In a paper bag.

Booklet 3:
Small booklet \ 8 pages \ with very specific selections (2015) of words of a text written on 1 june 1980.
By censuring parts of the text new texts are constructed.

- no Bandcamp-release of the soundworks
- on request, buyers can recieve the soundworks on a format of choice.
- order it directly here \ by e-mail \ PayPal
- 13 EUR + 10,35 EUR shipping (except 3,45 E within the Netherlands)
- trading can be possible

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sound of the Night \ Sound of Black

Sound of the Night \ Sound of Black
Soundpart of Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2.

29 contributors sent 1 minute of sound about the Night \ about Black.

A compilation in two parts of the 29 original (unremixed) soundminutes can be found on Mixcloud:

Remixproject in episodes

Episode 0\0\1 by Les Horribles Travailleurs
Title: “Bouche pleine des feuilles de la belladone.
sept plantes vénéneuses \ sept poisons \ sept langues empoisonnées \ sept chants toxiques”

Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2

Nuits et Noirs magazine nr 2 – june 2014,
consists of 6 visual parts + a soundproject.

The visual part of the magazine consists of 6 PDF parts:
1. City sounds \ City wounds
2. Night of nature \ Sounds of nature
3. Shapes of night
4. Nights skins \ Night clothes
5. The night within sounds
6. Human voices \ Human silence

Curated by R\A\W F\O\R\M\S, Nuits et Noirs is a free magazine that is composed of contributions by contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s


b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s

\ real physical version \ a small book

\ 22,50 EUR + shipping costs
\ In an edition of 5
\ PayPal \ Banktransfer


b o o k - o f - n i g h t s h a r d s

\ PDF book \ 15 images \ 6,50 EUR \ 8,45 USD


R\A\W F\O\R\M\S # 014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

NUITS et NOIRS magazine

New collaborative project: NUITS et NOIRS magazine

1st issue no online 

Nuits et Noirs is a FREE PDF MAGAZINE, designed for viewing as a PDF magazine on the computerscreen. ( not designed for printing )

Curated by R\A\W  F\O\R\M\S  - also publisher of Z\W\A\R\T magazine.

Z\W\A\R\T magazine is a personal project ;  Nuits et Noirs consist only of contributions by others - mostly contacts on social media as Facebook ; Tumblr ; Flickr.

1st issue released 18 Febr. 2014

It consists of 4 parts.
One can see it as a groupexhibition in four halls.
Each hall is structured according to a specific poetic logic.

1st issue with 35 contributors from: France, U.K., U.S.A., Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Norway, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Romania, Greece, Austria, Japan